Which One is better?



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  6. pugyou answered: the first one :D
  7. dandelionthatgavemehope answered: the red
  8. thearcherwhowasonfire answered: UNNFFF BOTH
  9. someone-there answered: For me it is better the first one ;)
  10. hunterstimelordsdetectives-ohmy answered: the red but the more i look at the blue the more i like it Both are great the blue is more subtle while the red is in very striking
  11. granger-potter answered: 2
  12. kaaahhhh answered: the blue one!
  13. scentedair answered: second
  14. perspectiveofme answered: blue and black.
  15. promise2stay answered: second one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. idk-larissa answered: I like the first onee
  18. pottero answered: 1st one!!
  19. factionbeforefamily answered: First, for me :)
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  21. katniss-everdeen-tributeof12 answered: the dark one just reminds me of Mockingjay. i say the first one.
  22. tieknots answered: first
  23. untastedcherrypie answered: I like the red one better.
  24. k3you7 answered: the first one.. :)
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  26. unc0nsolabl3 answered: First one.
  27. goodbyedearponds answered: top
  28. gabbyrieela answered: I like the 2nd one. :)))
  29. kugelmonkeyy answered: bluee
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  32. princeminseok-hyung answered: I like the Mockingjay/blue one :3
  33. thislifething answered: i think the red one is better… it makes me think of the fire
  34. lostamongthecorrupt answered: Black and Blue
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